Two tabletop designs for a dinner party by the sea

By the sea dinner party theme by Pottery Barn and The Home Port

I decided to present you a variation around the same theme. You got a traditional Maine-styled inspired nautical theme. Then, you get a Zen-like, organic take on the by the sea party theme with the river bed pebbles centerpiece.

Maine Nautical dining theme

A summer house by the sea is ideal when you wish to entertain a large group. Staying a few days at the beach is always a hit with kids and adults.

The first design is inspired by a vacation spot in Maine. I am not a huge fan of fish nets and shells for my party décor. But if they are use in moderation coupled with stylish lanterns, beautiful furniture and a modern white dinner set, you can create something classy.

And good taste is what you got with this inspiration photograph from Pottery Barn. One idea to steal is how they play the blue and white theme with the glassware. The first table has clear glasses while the second table is dominated by the blue glasses.

The highly polished nickel frames of the Seaport Lanterns qualify them as stylish lanterns. The 12-inch high octagonal Seaport Lantern is yours for $49 USD; it is the smaller one on the picture.

The dining tables and benches are from the Chesapeake Collection available at Pottery Barn. Crafted of solid hardwood with an oil-based stain and weather-resistant hardware for enhanced durability, Chesapeake’s huge collection even contains outdoor kid furniture. Blue and white lined cushions add style and comfort to this nautical, by the sea dining setting.

River Bed Pebbles Centerpiece

The second look works for indoor and outdoor dinner parties. This look is definitely more urban and hip than the first one. The key elements here are the River Bed Pebbles centerpiece and the clean lined dinnerware.

The blue, white and green color palette is keep minimal. Accessories are organic in shapes and forms. Whenever possible, use fruits and vegetables. The sphere is the main shape. Woven round or oval placemats would bring the theme to the next level of sophistication.

For the centerpiece, you can simply lay down smooth pebbles to create a river bed like you see on the picture. Or you can use a long container and make some grouping of simple greeneries between the rocks. An old looking metal container will add interest and uniqueness to your table so if you have time, visit antique shops and junk yards to find one. I do not think it is ideal to lay out directly on the table like you see on this styled shot by The Home Port.

Scandinavian-inspired design, the Aquavit Dining Collection displays a ski-sloped lip along the edge of the dinner and salad plates. The minimalist composition of this dinnerware is what the Zen organic nature of this tabletop theme needs. Reasonably priced, you find the Aquavit Dining Collection at The Home Port. But you can use any sleek white dinner set or even Asian inspired plates and bowls.

That concludes my By the sea inspired dinner table ideas. I have to go prepare the dinner if I want to arrive on time to the Jazz Festival shows I want to see tonight.

Buy online: Seaport Lanterns at Pottery Barn
Buy online: Chesapeake Furniture Collection available at Pottery Barn 
Buy online: Aquavit Dining Collection at The Home Port