The Canada’s 1% Army Blogging Tournament is on

Canada's 1% Army Blogging Tournament

I told you earlier that I am participating in a friendly tournament with other Canadian bloggers. The tournament has now officially begun.

What is it?

We are 128 Canadian born or Canadian residents that are taking part in this fun blogging competition. It is a nice way to discover new blogs. The topics of these blogs are not exactly home décor, cooking or entertaining. You can find blogs on photography, gadgets, marketing, currents events and random thoughts.

As you can read on Buzz Canada, it is more a community of marketers/ digiterati / media-ites / flacks who like to create content and start conversations. I read a few blogs so far and I read interesting stories from good bloggers. So I invite you to go through the list.

The first round

They will keep two bloggers out of 4. I compete in the first round against three male bloggers from Montreal. They are:

What is your favorite post from this blog so far?

I have to submit my best posts. I made my own compilation. It is a good opportunity to find out what my readers think. I want to understand better what you like to read on my blog. I would like you to answer this question: What is your favorite post from this blog so far? Feel free to comment.

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