Stylish Haunted House dinner party menu for grownups


You wish to have friends over on Halloween’s day, why not plan your gathering around a stylish haunted house affair? This elegant dinner party is simple enough to prepare that you can host it in the middle of the week.

The decor by Martha Stewart

You start with a few decorative elements that I found while digging Martha Stewart’s Web site.

To set the ambiance and to encourage people to stay until the end even on a work day, you can set up a dessert station in advance. This way, you do not waste energy and you have fewer things to do during the dinner party.

Candelabrums are a must to achieve this look. The Haunted party theme was published in 2000 on Martha Stewart Living with the instructions to build the Coffin Table and the Moth-Eaten Curtains. I selected this set because several elements go along the entertaining trends.

It takes no time or special skill to make these Specimen Jars. Start with three stylish clear glass vases, ideally of different shapes but within the same family. Fill them with a few drops of green food colorant dissolved in water and place inside a gourd, a green cabbage and a fennel. It is as simple as that.

The menu suggestion by Apartment Therapy

I taught of making my own menu but Faith from Apartment Therapy did a great job at hers. I invite you to have a look at Apartment Therapy to see it all. The pictures illustrate my three favorite dishes from their menu which are Rest in Peas, Spider Web Soup and Rare Tenderloin with Provencal green beans.


I added the Devilish Eggs as an entree because it is a great example of a nicely styled plate that is easy to reproduce. The only part I was not fond of from the menu of Apartment Therapy was the dessert. Martha’s ideas for the Haunted House party look more appealing.

For the dessert station, you have a wide selection to choose from with Halloween Lollipops, a Graveyard Cake, Meringue Sweet Bones and red Shrunken Pears. If you host a small affair, I suggest you cook the Shrunken Pears.

Mignardises are little delicacies that French hosts served after the dessert course. Buy two pieces per person of fine chocolate to serve as mignardises. You can serve these with coffee, tea or a luscious Vintage Port wine.

Decorations and recipes: Haunted House party by Martha Stewart
Via: Happy Halloween: Dinner Party Inspiration on Apartment Therapy

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