Outdoor lounging gears of Marcel Wanders by PUMA

Marcel Wanders by PUMA Collection

Summer partying at the park, the beach or the roof terrace is great as long as the sun do not feel too hot. Sometimes when you are in a public place, you want to isolate your group from the crowd. I got a modish solution for you.

If you like to hanging out with friends for a picnic, a day at the beach or watch your friends play an outdoor sport, you can do it in style next time with Villa, a gazebo tent designed by the prolific Dutch designer Marcel Wanders for PUMA.

In a floral baroque inspired black and white print motif, the entire line is designed for partying outside your own house.

The product line

Bring your bottles of champagne and picnic meal in the insulated luggage case mounted on all terrain wheels. Your stuff will be preserved in a more hip cooler with Cool Case than a Coleman. At $280, it is the average cost of a durable suitcase.

You carry the gazebo in a bag like a tent. The unique quadpod structure is easy to assemble by one person with no tools. Since it was designed for lounging, the roof is too low for you to stand. You sit or you lay down under it. Villa costs $490.

To complete the look, accessories include beach towels, flip flops, inflatable air beds, beach tote bags and black or white beach balls with a peep hole. A beach ball is sold for $25. The Summer Shopper bag at $60 is strongly made of a waterproof and stain resistant Teflon coated canvas.

Called Bubble Lounge, the inflatable air bed can be rolled up for your comfort. Build an on demand pillow or an on the ground chair (i.e. a full back rest with a sitting cushion). Snap on the side to make a large day bed.

Learn more: Dedicated Web site of Marcel Wanders by PUMA
Buy online: Marcel Walders at PUMA online store with shipping in Canada and the United States
Via: Wanders and Puma – 07.31.07 published on NOTCOT blog

  • Jenn
    August 2, 2007 at 10:03

    I love this…
    after we take full advantage of the picnic napsack this is what I’d love to upgrade to!