My first crop for the Canadian 1% Army Blogging Tournament is out

Submissions for Canadian 1% Army Blogging Tournament

I submitted this morning my 3 posts on which one had to be written after August 11, 2007. We will be judged on 5 factors: overall impact, clarity of thought, did it make me want to think/act differently, did it want me to comment/participate and originality.

On my short list, there were also articles on home decor for entertaining and inspiration boards. It was hard but at the end of the day I decided to submit:

At last, my muffin presentation

I selected because this post is a clear example of what I try to accomplish with my blog. I want to give you tips for stylish easy entertaining. The fact that Apartment Therapy Chicago talked about it obviously made me proud. There was a good amount of research involved to create the finished product.

How to serve water in style at an afternoon barbecue party

This one shows you that you can be eco-friendly and fashionable at the same time. It is a good example of how I try to make you think or act differently. I preached through the visual impacts of my inspirations. Two readers also share their experience and gave us useful tips.

I also feel that I reused the story of Ice Lolly pop of Nienke Vording in a creative way.

Some plating inspirations from Couture Cuisine & Event Artistry

Trends are a big part of my blog. My post about dishing trends reached out many of you. I gave you on tips to reproduce the look at home.

If you did not read these posts yet, I invite you to do so. I also invite you to comment more often. Unless you are a blogger, you may not know that your comments are the rewards of writing a blog. I want to have a conversation with you; so do not hesitate to give your honest opinion.

  • Bettina Forget
    September 5, 2007 at 15:40

    Great choice of topics! My favourite is the “How to serve Water” post – you managed to put a stylish twist on one of the most basic staples of any dinner party.
    I’m keeping my fingers crossed you’ll make it to the top 1%!