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More creepy treats and drinks by Martha Stewart Living

I want to share some Halloween ideas that I got from Martha Stewart. They provide inspirations on how to set up your room, food and drinks for a Halloween party.

Setting the mood right away

Everyone will pass a comment about the Spooky Arachnophobia Porch. Be prepared if you do this one. You set a high level of expectations for the rest of your party.

The Candy-filled Headstones can continue the ball. For the setting, place the black paper bags placed in a tray filled with black sand. Pay attention to proportion when selecting the paper bag size and the tray. Pour red and blue food coloring in water to simulate a realistic blood.

Neat tricks for food presentation

The Spider Toothpicks are so simple to do. Cut the bugs off plastic spider rings available at party stores or toy stores. Then puncture their centers with a needle tool and insert the toothpick into the hole you just made. Stop by a craft store to find a needle tool.

A take on the fashionable silhouette trend is to decorate the buffet table with the Shocking silhouettes. Heavyweight black card stock silhouettes are propped above candles to create spectacular shadows dance across the walls.

Go for larger shadows as they look scarier. The instructions for this DIY silhouette project are easy to follow. Be safe and use the flameless candles that I spoke earlier this week instead of real candles.

Creepy and spooky drinks

Being wedded to an amateur mixologist, I may have reservations with the taste of some cocktail variations. But one thing for sure, the visual impacts of these creepy drinks are quite convincing. I suggest you make a few in advance to show them off to your guests.

My favorite is the Eyeball Highball. Full impact and great taste united. The eyeball is made with a skin-off radish and a green olive freeze with water on an ice tray. Once your guests are in, it takes you no time to serve them the creepiest classic martini.

If you are a fan of sweet drink, a Pina Colada drink in a red-rimmed glass is called Pina Ghoulada for Halloween. The red substance can even stain your lips on the rosy side.

Once you passed the slimy texture, you probably enjoy the tequila and lime cocktail called Swamp Sip.

With name like Ghost in the Graveyard, Screwed-Up Screwdriver and Berry Scary Martini, the Spooky Halloween Spirits look pretty special.

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  • gigi
    October 13, 2007 at 10:54

    hi kim,

    i love the cocktails you have featured in this article. I might have to make them even if i don’t throw a party!

    what a fun post – thanks!

  • cindy
    October 13, 2007 at 12:56

    Haha they’re so cute!

  • Margie at Limited Edition Foods
    October 13, 2007 at 16:48

    Love the eyeballs! That is a great idea and you are right about primo visual impact with low labor … the perfect party combination.

  • at home with kim vallee
    October 27, 2007 at 19:09

    Extraordinary Halloween makeup artistries by M