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Montreal-based TOMA is another brand for expandable flower vases

Flower vases by TOMA

My friend Mélanie commented an hour ago about these vases on my blog. Her tip was so interesting that I decided to highlight this product right away.

The vases from TOMA display interesting illustrations. You can choose between a fern, blue grass, a Japanese proverb, red fish, kitchen utensils or a face with a heart (better for Valentine Day).

The comparison

They cost less than the Vazu vases that I presented yesterday; $4 CAD for a small vase, $5 for a large vase. From the pictures, these vases seem to look more plastic, a little bit less refined than Vazu. But for the price, I cannot complain. Where else can I easily carry my flowers in an original vase for an extra $4. And this product is more widely available in stores.

Several florists in Canada and the USA carry the line. You can grab everything in one stop. Check out the “Where to buy” section of TOMA’s Web site to find one near you. You can also buy directly online from TOMA.

One tip when you bring flowers as an hostess gift

It is more thoughtful and practical to bring flowers in a vase as a hostess gift or a housewarming gift. The host of an event has already many things to care of so make it easy for him / her to receive your gift.

TOMA is also an outgrowth of Thomas design+communication, which began using objects as part of its communication strategy several years ago.

Buy online: Expandable flower vases by TOMA