How to dress up your table with bears and moose?

moose lodge tableware : silhouette black bear dinnerware: black forest decor

We are right in the middle of the hunting season. In the Canada and the North of the United States, the colorful sceneries in fall mean that going to the cottage is popular.

Black forest Decor is not a store where I would normally go for shopping. But I discovered there wonderful tableware. It is the proof that we must keep an open mind when it comes to design.

Out of traditional cottage style pieces, I devised a modern Country table top. This type of tableware would look remarkable in a contemporary or a modern Country cottage design because it is unexpected.

The elements of my table top

Whether you prefer the Moose Lodge Collection or the Silhouette Black Bear Dinnerware Set is opt to you. I kind of prefer the Moose Lodge for its warmth but it is hard to judge simply from a picture. Mixing a Stag Horn pewter pitcher and a pewter fruit platter on pedestal elevate the look to higher grounds. The Antler handle flatware set repeats the look of the pitcher through the use of similar finishes. That is how you bring continuity to a design.

Resting everything on a brown or cream pure linen cloth with black or cream linen napkins plus a couple of glass chandeliers get you a look that has nothing to do with the literal and old-fashioned bears and moose home decor. You can easily modernize any traditional dinnerware set with the right accessories.

What you need to know about pewter?

You do not have to worry about drinking and eating from newly fabricated pewter tableware as long as you buy pewter approved for food consumption.

Last week, I went to Arthur Quentin, a store specializing in French Country style. I saw there the most exquisite pewter tableware pieces made in Italy. The manager, Ms. Renee Fournier explained to me that the first thing that a pewter collector does is to look at the several marks under the pieces. The price of pewter pieces is influenced by its maker, the usages and the metal contents. There are a lot more to say on that subject, so I promise to write about pewter dinnerware pretty soon.

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Buy online: Silhouette Black Bear Dinnerware Set at Black Forest Decor – price: on sale at $169.95 for 16-piece set
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