Charming picnic, delicious chocolate and Porto tasting at Romaneira

picnic at Romaneira Portugal

The brainchild of Parisian events entrepreneur Thierry Teyssier, Romaneira is out of ordinary. This is the third House of dreams establishment for Teyssier.

Every detail at Romaneira have been planned to make your stay at this hotel a unique experience. You can see that the owner used to organize events for living. Look at this story as the basis for two mood boards about casual entertaining.

A romantic and sophisticated picnic setting

Do you know a lot of hotels that set a picnic space like this one? Wow! You see that a lot of thoughts have been put to design the picnic space. All the comforts and charms you can dream of are concentrated in a simple, almost humble arrangement. Take notice because you can easily reproduce this look at the cottage.

The containers, the dishes, the linen fabrics display simple shapes. They are the proof that you do not need extravagant pieces to create a refined look. You need to be truthful to a feeling and to pursuit a harmonious look.

Maison des Comptoirs

chocolaterie at Romaneira on Douro river

Located on the Douro River, Romaneira takes advantage of the explorer heritage of Portugal. I went to Portugal for my Honeymoon and I recommend you visit it one day.

I am showing you the Maison des Comptoirs with its multiethnic design. The room decor is warm due to plenty of rich woods and the spicy colors of the walls.

The food presentation at the Chocolaterie (chocolate shop) is without pretension. You can taste a vast variety of cold and warm chocolate drinks and small homemade cakes.

These delightful recipes are by Philippe Conticini. My next post will be about the masterpiece creations of this notorious French Chef. You will not want to miss it.

The bottom picture is where you can taste Porto wines. The décor reminded me of an old school communal dining room. What a charming sight. Europeans excel at creating amazing environments with everyday pieces from the past. In all fairness, I must point out that their architecture plays a role in achieving the overall decor. But we can try to replicate the look here.

Casual entertaining

When you think about it, this post is a follow-up to last week-end 3 blogs and a mood board story. Why not try a party theme done around a warm, casual and familiar atmosphere next time you have friends over? Develop a menu with family secret recipes, keep it simple and enjoy the company of your guests.

Learn more: Web site of Romaneira
Photo credits: Notes d’hotel Douro des rêves published on Côté Sud – number 107, September 2007 issue