Annie Michaud’s blown glass kitchenware brings style to cooking

glass mortar lemon reamer salt container decanter by Annie Michaud

I am thrilled to get an email from Annie Michaud yesterday. She just launched a new online store. I am pretty fond of her glass kitchen gadgets.

Collection of food preparation tools

I fancy the Mortar & Pestle, the Lemon Reamer and the Salt Container. My friend Mel owns the glass Mortar and Pestle for several years now. Her mother gave it to her as a housewarming present. These glass kitchen tools are colorful and beautifully crafted. I have seen the finished products at her shop this summer.

Glass objects inject colors in a vibrant yet sophisticated manner. Her kitchen collection is available in black, blue, lime, orange and yellow. So you can coordinate it to your kitchen decor. Since there is no red, I would go for orange or green. The blue is amazing but it does not fit into my decor.

The product descriptions are at the bare minimum. But the pictures give you a good idea of these unique products.

Ideas for big budget events

The hearts make a wonderful wedding party favor if you have a huge wedding budget. I know of at least one celebrity that did it.

You can spread several small and big hearts on your table to form a river shape. This is an idea to implement for a man that wishes to ask the hand of marriage of his beloved. Or imagine a one of a kind centerpiece made of lots of the hearts into a clear glass vase with a bunch of identical flowers.

Honestly, the best way to fully appreciate these handcrafted pieces is to see them in person. If you come to Montreal, stop by Gogo Glass. It is in Old Montreal.

About Annie Michaud

Annie of Gogo Glass is an artisan. She practices glass blowing for many years. Her shop and her atelier are at Marche Bonsecours in old Montreal. If you want to know more about glass blowing, you can watch online a short video where Annie demonstrates the making of a lemon reamer.

Apart from her kitchen and vase collections, Annie does custom projects for designers, restaurant owners, sport event producers and companies. She shares her shop with another talented glass blowing artist called Karine Bouchard of Verre Minuit.

Buy online: Mortar and Pestle collection by Annie Michaud – price: $105 CAD
Buy online: Lemon Reamers by Annie Michaud – price: $51 CAD
Buy online: Salt Containers by Annie Michaud – price: $62 CAD
Buy online: Decanters by Annie Michaud – price: $125 CAD
Buy online: Small hearts by Annie Michaud – price: $35 CAD
Learn more: Web site of Verre Minuit

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    November 26, 2007 at 19:25

    Shopping Alert | Studio sale at Gogoglass

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    December 13, 2007 at 13:30

    know if you send out catologues forannie michauds blown glass products

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    May 11, 2008 at 15:45

    I would like a catologue for annie michauds blown glass products.

  • Doreen
    May 31, 2008 at 20:12

    I would like to know where in Montreal I could purchase plain clear glass Christmas balls which I could fill and decorate. Last year I had to go to Ottawa to make the purchase, but this year I would like to find them in Montreal. I need them for a fundraiser.