5 notable Canisters for your Kitchen

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With the opening shelving trend going on in the kitchen, beautiful storage containers become a necessity.

There are a few tricks to the art of displaying your things on a shelf. One technique consists of grouping identical items and leaving substantial free space between the groups. When you neatly gather identical size, color and style containers, your brain will see them as one. Thus, it appears less packed.

The easiest way to add interest is to play with heights and simulate movements. You may place some decorative items. The key is to avoid a clutter look. Looking at a picture will tell you right away if you succeed. The picture helps you spot which part of your arrangement does not work, if any.

What to look for when buying containers for the kitchen?

When you are shopping for storage containers, I recommend ones with superior air tightness, great style and overall quality. It is more economical at the end to get things that will last.

I feel that being able to instantly see what is inside is a must. You look either for a clear lid or a clear container.

This is not a top 5 lists since the canisters I show you have different styles. Beside my own taste, reviews of customers who tried it were a big help to compile this list.

Stainless Steel Canister Set by All-Clad

These stainless steel set by All-Clad with glass lids feel strong. It will appeal to men. The style goes well in an industrial kitchen but also in a modern Country style kitchen. Customers gave 4.9 / 5 on for these containers.

Glass Canister Set with Stainless Steel Lids by Bodum

There is no customer rating but being the best seller at says it all. The Glass Canister set from Bodum is one set that I would like for myself. I enjoy looking at the food through the container.

You can buy them individually from Bodum stores with more sizes available. The name of the product is Yohki.

Cuddle Canisters by United Brands

Made of bright white porcelain with stainless steel lids, this contemporary set has the particularity of supplying a spoon with each container. The clean lines of the Cuddle Canisters are attractive.

Canisters by Presidio Kitchen

This collection is made of acrylics with clear bottom and lids. It shown here in natural blue but it is available in white, black and a multi-color set. The design of the Presidio Kitchen’s Canisters is more innovative that the others.

Blue Storage Jar by Nigella Lawson Living Kitchen

The Storage Jars by Nigella Lawson are available in blue and in cream. Made of porcelain, their charm comes from their classical amphora form design. They can stand in an upright or a tilted position.

Whether it is for you or as a housewarming present, after you have done some shopping, I would like to know if any of those containers made your short list. Keep us posted.

Buy online: All-Clad Stainless Steel Canister Set at – price: $99.95 USD for a set of 3
Buy online: Glass Canister Set with Stainless Steel Lids by Bodum at – price: $48.95 USD for a set of 3
Buy online: Cuddle Canisters by United Brands at The Afternoon – price:$29.99 for a set of 3
Buy online: Kitchen Canisters by Presidio Kitchen
Americans and Canadians: Storage Jar by Nigella Lawson Living Kitchen at Giving Gallery – price: $ 21.95 USD for the 1.5 liters (S), $31.95 for the 3 liters (L)