The cupcake deck to thank the hostess

I just read about this cute recipe box on Oh Joy! blog. It is so pretty that I want one. The cupcake deck is a set of 25 cupcake card recipes on a cute box. The recipes are by cook author Elinor Klivans. It is fairly new, the deck hit the store last February.

The book description on

Drawn from the best-selling book, Cupcakes, this deck includes such inviting recipes as Chocolate Mousse Cupcakes, Vanilla Cheesecake Crunch-Top Cupcakes and the deliriously delicious Lemon Angel Cupcakes. Here are 25 scrumptious ways to bring smiles faster than a kid can lick the batter off a beater.

the cupcake deck by Elinor Klivans Cupcakes! Deck: 25 Sweet & Delightful Recipes (Cards)

To simplify your life, take the habit to stock up a few hostess gifts. I recommend the cupcake deck because it will please a lot of people, especially the ones with kids.

And the best thing for Canadians is that it is cheaper on than for once. This is before we convert the money (the current rate is 0.95 USD = 1 CAD).

Buying online: Cupcakes! Deck: 25 Sweet & Delightful Recipes (Cards) on
Via: the cupcake deck on Oh Joy! blog

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