Lucite party supplies for an orange themed cocktail

Lucite party supplies for an orange themed cocktail - stocking at Impulse Enterprises

The cheerful orange is my favorite color. So I am happy to show you these cool party accessories by the lifestyle company Impulse! Enterprises. My orange cocktail concept emerged when I was reading the Oh la la Lucite: Shatter-resistant tableware post on Toast and Tables, a blog about dinnerware.

Impulse! Enterprises Web site presents their fabulous line of products for entertaining at home. I know now who made the Orange Bottom Ball Martini Glasses I got for my birthday a few years ago are by them. I knew many of their products; I did not know the name of the manufacturer.

If I am not mistaken, the Bottom Ball glass collection fits into the votive holder. You can carry 5 glasses at the time. Unfortunately, the more practical 9-hole square votive candle holder model only comes available in purple. Try to find another company that makes one in clear acrylic. I am sure that I saw one before in a store or online.

The acrylic orange square tray is a hip way to plate your hors d’oeuvres. Very in, very chic! For the best food presentation, you may need to use a mix of orange trays and clear acrylic trays.

The bamboo riser is a must for setting a cocktail table. They are available in a square shape and a rectangular shape. Risers add depths and interest to your cocktail table. These ones look so good that you do not have to hide them under a table cloth.

Fast and Fruity Flower ideas by TryFlowers.org.uk

I add the Gold and Brown Lacquer Round Bowl because the inside exhibits such a nice palette from the yellow to the orange hues.

Multiple orange candelabra can be put around the room to create a nice mood. Coupled with luxurious cushions, they fashion a rich atmosphere. If you have a round buffet table, think about putting a candelabrum at the center of the table.

Punch it up with the citrus fruit family

Since a monochromatic theme can become flat, you can spice the orange theme with the citrus family palette used as accent colors.

For the flower arrangement, TryFlowers.org.uk shows you how to use limes as vases that each hold a single stem of lime green button chrysanth.

This is one of the 80 inspirational flower ideas that you will find on TryFlowers.org.uk Web site. For this theme, I suggest that your floral arrangement rests on orange coasters. Check out the Bamboo orange coaster set also by Impulse!.

My preference will be to replace the lime by a medium orange that hold a single fiery dahlia. This centerpiece can look more stunning than the shown lime and chrysanth composition.

dahlia flower idea: Bewitching by TryFlowers.org.uk

Since their catalogue can be displayed online by color; Impulse! Enterprises makes it easy for anyone to build their party theme around a color. What is your favorite color? Did you ever made a party around a color?

Sourcing these products: Web site of Impulse! Enterprises
Link: See 80 inspirational flower ideas on TryFlowers.org.uk
Via: Oh la la Lucite: Shatter-resistant tableware published on Toast and Tables blog

  • Amber
    June 13, 2007 at 00:09

    wow. that lime centerpiece is g r e a t! I will have to have a soiree just to use it,

  • Robin Van lent
    June 13, 2007 at 17:13

    indeed, the limes look incredible..
    Me and my friends are really into mojito’s and Caipirinha’s, both great cocktails that need a lot of lime’s..
    a great idea to provide the limes..

  • At Home with kim vallee
    June 13, 2007 at 17:24

    Robin, I love this idea.