Luxuriate the cabin porch: Highlights of Habitat 2007 Spring Summer Catalogue

Luxuriate the cabin porch: Highlights of Habitat 2007 Spring Summer Catalogue

My last review of the 2007 Spring Summer Catalogue by Habitat is all about dragging the lounge out on your cabin porch. The idea here is to set an outdoor room to enjoy more of the lake or sea view.

Using Habitat furniture to teach you how to do it

Habitat displays their SARADA furniture range that includes a dining table, a dining chair and a lounger. SARADA is made from dark-brown hand-woven plastic and aluminium that can stay outside all year long; at least in United Kingdom. The indigo colored rattan chair hammock with a sheepskin rug adds a retro ambiance to this loungy porch.

Lights are very important when dressing up any outdoor spaces. At the cabins, candle lanterns usually rule. Spread them all around the space. Put a few on table, strategically hide others at the floor level and hang several under a parasol or on the fringe of the porch roof.

Mix and match formats, sizes and colors. BALINA lanterns are available in four glass colors: pink, aqua, indigo and clear. Glass hurricane lamps (called storm lanterns by the Britishs) continue to be popular for their practically. They are so many more lighting alternatives available right now. Explore them and create your own look.

Adding some personality to the space

Put the finishing touch with a few accessories. The best decors fill the room with a dominant mood or evoke an era. Pick a theme / room spirit, interpret the character subtly and shop around before making your choice. This year, let’s add luxury to our cottage by creating a stylish, comfortable porch.

Luxurious cabin porch: Web site of Habitat store in United Kingdom – click on mini-catalogue to see the collection