Bistro Paradise, Rustic chic under the lanterns: Highlights of Habitat 2007 Spring Summer Catalogue

Bistro Paradise by Habitat - Rustic chic under the lanterns

This romantic scene could sell a lot as postcard. How can someone not feel in heaven out there, especially if you eat an incredible meal?

Do not despair if you do not have a country house because it may be possible to reproduce this look in the city or the suburbs if you happen to live in the right backdrop.

How to reproduce this look

Under the biggest tree of your yard, hang a couple of outdoor lantern chains. Put enough lanterns to create a magical atmosphere.

Since Habitat is not available in North America, what you need to reproduce this look is dining furniture in metal with clean lines. Villa designed by Bethan Gray for Habitat is a mosaic and metal round table. The mosaic is made with copper colored glazed ceramic tiles. A modern style aluminum table top can also create interesting light effects.

Flea markets are a great start if you want a retro or a vintage look. You can update the furniture with metallic finish paint. The shine of the paint creates a nice glowing effect at night that is why I suggest it. Another option is to go with the classic look of Tuscany style furniture. This style is usually widely available at your local garden furniture stores.

Pedestal round tables are always practical. But if you entertain often 8 or more guests, I suggest you opt for a long rectangular table. Take the longest one that fits your space. If you find a vintage wooden table, paint it. Then, apply a semi-shiny varnish that will nicely reflect the glow of the candles. The reflections are a key element of the Bistro Paradise look.

The Bacchus stools by Habitat are also constructed in copper colored glazed ceramic. Stools look good but you can rest more comfortably in chairs. I recommend you get 6 to 8 chairs and that you use the stools for extra sitting.

The finishing touches

black candelabrum (also available in white) at Retromodern.com

Candelabra go with the lovely theme. The vintage candlesticks will work. Even better is the baroque style candelabrum. The theatrical effect is maximized when you use candelabra with 6 to 9 branches. Available for 30 sterling pounds, Klein by Habitat is a nickel-plated brass candle holder for 9 tea lights.

I found a black candelabrum (also available in white) at Retromodern online store that is absolutely gorgeous. It is on the expensive side at $431 USD. But this candle holder is made for both indoor and outdoor uses.

Sturdy, Provencal style dinnerware and glassware, the real stuff, is a must. No melamine, no plastic, no paper. This is a rustic chic party theme. Finish it by laying out real table linens, preferably in natural fabrics. Enjoy the stars with friends and family.

Bistro Paradise: Web site of Habitat store in United Kingdom – click on mini-catalogue to see the collection
Black candelabrum: Candelabra by Studio JSPR on Retromodern.com

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  • soraya
    January 29, 2011 at 00:37

    I’m trying to find where you bought your candlebra. ( Retromodern at $431) in black. Can you please direct me to the right direction.