Fort Fantastic, The enchanted shed: Highlights of Habitat 2007 Spring Summer Catalogue

Fort Fantastic, The enchanted shed by Habitat

Summer is made of a succession of family-style barbecue parties. With Father’s Day in less than two weeks, the enchanted shed photo shot produced by Habitat reveals a ton of inspiring treasures. Why not convert a garden shed in a kid play house?

It is a fabulous idea. This transformation is complete with a kid’s bunk bed, door curtains, storage boxes, stool, deckchairs and lots of toys. All the kids will want to come over.

For its VIP for kids range, Habitat asked the collaboration of a dozen of celebrities. Shown here is Moonbuzz, designed by the astronaut Buzz Aldrin. Kids can explore the moon from every angle with this moon pendant. Belly, Smooth and Sweety form the cute Fashion Monsters trio. They were designed by the extraordinary fashion designer Christian Lacroix. It is never too soon to be surrounded by good taste.

Put some led-operated battery lamps to highlight the space at night. Hanging colorful party lanterns outside the shed look charming. Lanterns can be electrified if you want a permanent installation. If you do not have electricity, you can camouflage a small flashlight inside the center of Chinese lanterns.

Tomorrow, I will talk about two grown up spaces from Habitat: the bistro paradise and the luxurious porch (patio).

I terminate by telling you about Habitat, a store created by a man I admired in the design world, Sir Terrance Conran. He also owns several restaurants in London and around the world. His children are either designer or restaurateur. His daughter, Sophie Conran is a baker (pies) and she designed her own tableware collection for Portmeirion. I told you about her in the past because I love her dishware. Basically, they know a thing or two about the art of entertaining with style.

About Habitat

Terrance Conran opened the first Habitat store in London in 1964. Habitat was born out of the people desires to have access to well-designed modern furniture, with lively practical furniture and good basic shapes. Through the years, Habitat product lines evolve. The brand continues to be a trend-setter today. Habitat stores are located around over Europe.

Excerpt from the The Habitat approach to design

When the first shop opened in London in 1964, . the company’s founder Sir Terence Conran’s definition of that “design” meant was broad, encompassing not only ‘high’ design but vernacular items whose origins were ‘humbler’ like French cooking utensils. Modern, urban furniture by international designers shared shelf space in Habitat with the more traditional and rustic: French cookware, Polish enamelware, rugs from Afghanistan and futons and paper lanterns from Japan.

Alongside its output of modern ‘simple, functional, beautiful and affordable’ designs, the company continues to hone the worldwide network of suppliers and craftspeople that it has established around the world over the past four decades.

For the last 15 years, I hoped to shop at a nearby Habitat store but there is still no Habitat store in the North American shopping universe. At least with the Web, we can be inspired by looking at their splendid online catalogue.

Do not miss my follow up articles tomorrow. The rest will please you.

Link: Web site of Habitat store in United Kingdom – click on mini-catalogue to see the 2007 Spring Summer Catalogue