TV cooking show review: Jamie at Home on Food TV Canada

Jamie at Home : Potatoes + Peas & broad beans episodes

Fruits and vegetables taken right out of your orchard and the garden is the ultimate luxury. If you ever experienced it, you know why I am so excited about it. I lived that luxury last year on vacation in Costa Rica with seventeen of my friends and everybody was ecstatic.

I have been growing my own herbs on my terrace for many years now. It is incredible how much more flavor you get when you put freshly picked herbs on your salads. The increase in taste is exponential. If it is noticeable with herbs, imagine with fruits and vegetables.

If you followed Chef Jamie Oliver in his culinary adventures, you know how much he cares about food. In his latest TV series, Jamie returns to a laid-back approach with a show produced around a large country garden. If you like going to the farmer’s market every week, you will enjoy this TV series.

What the show is all about

Using simple ingredients, Jamie shows us how to grow fruits and vegetables even in the city, he talks about the several varieties and he prepares a few recipes. Every 30-minute episode is about one specific food. After seeing the episode on summer salads, I am ready to grow several cultivars of lettuces on garden pots.

Keeping with the laid-back attitude, the recipes on Jamie at Home are quick and easy to cook. These recipes will fit into your busy schedule.

Jamie Oliver : Onions and strawberries episodes

Tips on easy entertaining

What is nice about Jamie at Home is the easy entertaining segment. At the end of every recipe, Jamie Oliver shows us how to serve the food. The dish presentation is up to date but it is keep simple. Viewers can plate the same way in their own kitchen, with what they got at home.

If you want more tricks under your sleeves for easy entertaining, watching Jamie at Home is a good start. The show is or has aired in fifteen countries so far. Unfortunately, the United States is missing out by not airing this great show.

Update on June 9, 2007:  About the recipes

A book with the show recipes is scheduled to hit the stores October 2007. In the interim, tape the show to write down the recipes or seek out the Web forums. But you will have to rely on guess work until the Jamie at Home book is available.

Schedule: Jamie at Home on Food TV Canada
Photo credits: Taken from Ten, an Australian TV broadcaster, in the Jamie at Home episode section
Link: TV section on the Web site of Jamie Oliver

  • At Home with Kim Vallee
    March 19, 2008 at 13:24

    Jamie at Home will reach my home soon

  • Geogr Clarke
    May 4, 2008 at 14:27

    I watched the program were you where talking with your gardener about growing potato’s in a bag. In Canada I have never seen anything like that. I have a small garden and do not have the space to put in a regular size potato patch.What I was wondering is special soil in the bag? If it is can you tell me what is the soil mixture? I look forarwd to hearing from you. I really like your show Jamie at Home.