FOOD + DRINK FOOD presentation

The art of dishing a dessert tray

la grande finale: art of dishing dessert

Miniature dishes always look more sophisticated. They have a certain je ne sais quoi that makes them more appealing.

By nicely organizing your individual dessert servings on a tray or a plate you get more impact.

For easy at home entertaining, you do not need to bake everything. Your best local pastry can provide a few things. Just cut them into small pieces.

I suggest you make your own tiny crème brûlée; it is too hard to do. Here individual butter dishes were used instead of the usual ramekins.

Pannacotta served in shooter glasses garnished with a piece of peach is another great presentation trick.  Just put some attention to details to replicate this look.

Primadonna ristorante and sushi bar

This dessert plate, la grande finale, is from one of my favorite restaurants in Montreal, Primadonna on Saint-Laurent Street. This is a popular place during the Formula1 week-end. Make sure to reserve in advance, you can do it online.

I am sorry about the photo quality of the dessert plate but I took a quick shot with my Motorola Razor phone.

Link: Web site of primadonna ristorante & sushi bar in Montreal

  • Jenn
    June 5, 2007 at 13:11

    i love using small dishes!
    very cute!