Recycling the best wedding details from m. writes for an alumni reunion


details of a wedding day on m.writes blog

My husband and I both have our alumni meetings one week apart. He will go to his high school reunion. Mine is with my fellow friends of the actuarial department of Concordia University.

Before I became a designer, I was surrounded with probabilities and expected values. I got tired of it pretty quickly due to the lack of visual stimulations. At university, we had fun together and I can wait to see the entire gang after all these years.

Anyway, I saw on m.writes blog the details of the wedding of a friend of Marta. I collect the details that I deem perfect for a school reunion or a club event. The vintage photo book is such a hot idea that I must borrow it. Renting a photo booth makes it possible to fill up the book right away with different shots.

If you have a relatively small group or you can get a hold on many helping hands, it is feasible to hand make a copy for everyone. If you are a little bit crafty, I encourage you to try it. The reminiscences book will gather the then photos. Empty pages can be filled with new photos at the party.

That is where the photo booth rental comes to play. Each book can be unique this way. A photo booth adds nostalgia to the ambiance. Otherwise, schedule a photo shot and just finish the book later. Since they are widely available, you can easily set up a photo printer on site for digital photography. Make provisions of photo corners or double-sided tape for people to complete their memory book.

Other nice details that worth a mention is the way the couple photos are displayed in a gallery style near the flowers. The coffee and tea table looks sophisticated and modern. Both are so easy to reproduce. I love it when I see great inspiration pieces like these.

This wedding shows that you do not need extravagant things to make an event beautiful and remarkable. The secret is to tastefully display the bits and pieces in an out of the ordinary way. Everything is in careful planning and in putting extra efforts in the details.

Thanks to Marta of m. writes blog for sharing this happy event with all of us. I hope her and my posts will inspire you to host stylish parties more often. Or you can become a member of the organization committee for a social event in your community and put these ideas to good use.

Via: details of their day on m.writes blog