Kids’ rooms are a part of better entertaining

kids\' room portfolio of New York interior designer Amie Weitzman

The first rule when you having guests over at your house is to have a clean, well presented house.

On the style front, families with young kids have a harder time making it a reality. With both parents working, kids are often allow to play anywhere in the house. Parents and children naturally want to pass more time closer together. But having toys taking over the living room is no way to entertain.

The best thing to do is to design fabulous kid rooms with defined play area. You do not necessary need a larger home to do it although having more square footage always helps. I believed that with good planning and creativity, you can always find a solution.

Mothers put lots of efforts in creating fun bedrooms for her kids. My mother liked to redesign my bedroom every two or three years and I cherished these memories. But nothing beats the work of professional designed kid rooms.

Play rooms by Amie Weitzman

Design to inspire, an attention-grabbing blog that introduces us to the work of great interior designers, wrote about the kids’ room portfolio of New Yorker Amie Weitzman. I share some of her projects with you.

The pink playroom with the orange rug is awesome. This is the right style for me. The fabulous color palette is vibrant and girlie at the same time. I am a huge fan of chalkboards. My parents had to replace my large chalkboards a few times because I played too much with them. The chalkboard paint that is widely available now provides so much more design opportunities like making a chalkboard table or dresser.

Tricks of the trade

Amie Weitzman used another of my favorite design feature in the pink and orange play room: the wall sliding doors. The closet neatly keeps the toys organized. The higher shelves can store stuff other than toys or accessories for special activities.

If you are really short on space, you can use a hallway on a lesser traffic spot. It will not create the prettiest kid room in the world but at least, the rest of the house stays neat. If you check it out carefully, you will see that this atypical kid room configuration fit several playing areas. That is why hiring an excellent interior designer is a sound investment.

What I like about the hallway kid room is that the children drawings are kept out of the fridge. As a designer, this is one of my pet peeves. I applauded the large framed magnetic board that Amie Weitzman put for that purpose. It is an idea that I encourage you to steal. Finally, the last picture cleverly demonstrates that a small playing area can be included in small bedroom. Like they said on design to inspire, kids’ rooms rule!

I am interested to know how having young children has changed the way you entertain?

Link: Web site of New-York-based Interior designer Amie Weitzman
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