An ode to stylish presentation by Papered Together

stylish presentation by Papered Together - letterpress stationary

Your mom may have told you that look does not count, but in reality it is not true. People judge you on the way you dress, the way when you set your table and the way you wrap your gifts. First impressions are important. People usually notice that you are doing a little bit extra.

Papered Together is known for creating amazing letterpress cards and stationery. I bought an eye-catching letterpress card for my mom earlier this month. Another thing that this small Minneapolis design business has mastered is the art of packaging.

They did not just deliver my card. I got a complementary letterpress coaster plus a tag nicely tied on top of my card. A handwritten thank you note completed the package. This clearly falls into the art of entertaining at its best. You see right away that you are dealing with design people. There is that little touch, ce je ne sais quoi.

But do not think for a moment that throwing a party does not require any marketing skills. You compete with leisure activities and already filled schedule. Doing something extra and putting attention to details can make a difference because it shows that you care. And in some way, being surrounded by pretty things makes us feel even better.

To keep it simple, stock up a few gears. If you have a few decorations, craft supplies or wrapping materials on hand, you can try your design before your event to see how you can assemble all the pieces. And your stash comes handy when you are hosting an impromptu dinner.

Take some ideas from Papered Together as an inspiration for dressing up your next party favor. A packaging does not have to be complicated to impress. What is important is to create something that you do not see all the time. The attention to details and the beautiful design in Papered Together’s delivery package delighted me.

Papered Together makes it a habit to create fantastic packaging. I am not alone to highly grade their style. While searching for the experience of other customers, I spotted that A Browner Brown also wrote a post about their cute packaging. Like I was telling you, a stylish presentation never goes unnoticed. This is true for invites, gifts and parties.

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