Inspiration Board: Planning a Mother’s Day Brunch

Planning a Mother\'s Day Brunch :: Table top design

I made a few inspiration boards for Mother’s Day. I will be featuring my Mother’s Day table top and party planning ideas all over this week. So stay tuned!

My first creation is for a Mother’s Day brunch that can be indoor or outdoor. Since kids are invited, we can use bright colors to create a vibrant Mother’s Day table. Here I mix and match glass colored plates. It creates a sweet, down-to-earth look. The idea was to suggest key elements of motherhood with this table setting.

The Sol Recycled Glass Dinnerware I used is also a gift to Mother’s Earth. I found this stylish environment friendly set online at VivaTerra. The 16-piece dinner ware (charger plate, dinner plate, salad plate and cereal bowl for 4) costs $139.

Glassware plates work better for outdoor entertaining because the wind cannot throw them away. But I know that parents are reluctant to use breakable dinnerware outside. Melamine dinnerware looks fabulous these days. You will not get the transparency effect of the colored glassware with melamine but the Isaac Mizrahi collection for Target has great pieces. Take a look online for inspiration.

The orange hand-brushed acrylic pitcher and glasses will get mommy approval. Perfect for outdoor parties, this sunny bright drink ware set is sophisticated enough to be put on a dining table for a family brunch. It is available at Target starting at $15.99 for a set of 4 short tumblers. Tall tumblers, a pitcher, a serving bowl and small bowls complete this drink ware collection.

The flower centerpiece is Mom’s gift. That is where you spurge. Go for an artistic piece that your mother will remember for years to come. My bouquet was created by Blume, a Montreal-based flower art shop.

For the brunch menu, I suggest a twist on French toasts by the Canadian chef Michael Smith. The twist starts by putting a marmalade and cream cheese puree inside a thick slice of raisin bread. It ends by dipping the bread in the French toast mixture and then into oatmeal. This tasty recipe wins everybody heart. Serve these Fortune French Toasts with a blueberry maple syrup for a wow factor. Yummy!

In fact, all the recipes from the Weekend Brunch episode of the Chef at Home TV series are worthy of a Mother’s Day brunch. Having a brunch for Mother’s Day is fun and easy to put together.

Blume, Savoir-fleur
4815 Saint-Laurent Blvd., Montreal, QC  H2T 1R6
P 514.543.5526

Link: Sol Recycled Colored Glass Dinnerware at VivaTerra
Link: Orange Hand-Brushed Acrylic Serving Collection at Target
Link: Blume Web site
Link: Fortune French Toast by Michael Smith from the Weekend Brunch episode of Chef at Home published on FoodTV.ca

  • bea at La tartine gourmande
    May 11, 2007 at 02:22

    ahhhhh, I cannot come here to visit anymore, you make me want to rush online or to the store to buy more kitchen vaisselle 😉 Where will I store it? 😉

  • At Home with kim vallee
    May 13, 2007 at 11:10

    I know the feeling. Something, I only buy 2 place settings; this way I am leaving space for new ones. I enjoy them on romantic meals.

  • Sarah Dennis
    May 21, 2007 at 11:33

    Hi Kim, thanks for the email! I love your use of these jewel tones color, they are so vibrant and they really make your table pop! You have a great eye for color selection! You’re welcome at my table anytime so stop by!

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