Fun accessories for a casual cocktail party

Fun party accessories at The Sister Spoons - headstand stool for qed design

I was looking for little things that will add amusements to a cocktail party setting. I went to The Spoon Sisters online store since they carry unusual stuff.

I found three inexpensive party accessories. If you want to throw a cocktail and you do not take it too seriously, these are perfect frills.

First, I found some cocktail paper napkins. Depending on the type of party you do, you can choose Hello My Name Is Paper Napkins or the Dear Cab Driver Paper Napkins. For $3.95, you get a set of 12 white paper napkins measuring 5 by 5 inches.

The olive candles come in a box of 16. The candles mimic green and black olives. They are about 1 inch high. A box costs $ 6.95.

The design lover in me has to add something more stylish. I scour my sources for cool stuff. Eureka! The headstand stool from German studio qed design will add a modern twist. Apparently, the seat is weighted at the base and moves with the user.

A few Headstand stools will be a hit in a cocktail party. It can be a way to know if you need to fill in the Dear Cab Driver Paper Napkins.

Link: Party Accessories at The Spoon Sisters online store
Link: Web site of qed design
Via: MoCo Submissions – Furniture: Apr 25, 2007 on MoCo Loco

  • pinkmohair
    April 29, 2007 at 20:08

    Thanks for the SpoonSisters link. I think I visited them awhile ago but totally forgot they existed. Must return. That apple and cheddar crostini looks soooo good!