Serving sugar and milk with Newton physics

Newton Milk & Sugar set by Tonfish Design

A Finnish designer Tanja Sipilä decided to simplify how we serve sugar and milk for our coffee. She used the principle of gravity to design the Newton Milk & Sugar set for Tonfish Design.

Newton feels like one container. In fact, Newton Milk & Sugar set is made of two containers. The milk jar is the main container. A removable sugar bowl securely rests over the milk jar. You remove the sugar bowl to fill up the milk jar.

The fun part is that you can pour the milk without removing the attached sugar bowl. The gravity keeps the sugar bowl level. This conversation piece is a good gift idea for the upcoming Mother’s Day.

Hand-made in Finland, Newton is made of a dishwasher safe, food safe, durable glazed ceramic. A gold insert sugar bowl is also available (hand-wash only). I prefer the all white sugar bowl.

Newton Milk & Gold Sugar set by Tonfisk Design

Founded in 1999 in Helsinki, Tonfish Design produces handmade tableware and home accessories with the goal to find superior solutions.

Newton Milk & Sugar is sold in several specialty stores over Canada; the complete list is published on Tonfish Web sites. In Montreal, you can find them at Spice Safar, an innovative café-boutique concept that is worthy of a visit. For people living in Toronto, go to Fluid Living since I saw on their Web site that the Newton Cream & Sugar set is currently on sale at $48, instead of the regular price of $65.

North Americans named them Cream and Sugar Set. But I am milk instead of cream girl. I will never dare to put cream in my coffee because it totally changes the coffee taste. In my book, take your coffee with milk or take it black. Moreover, I stay true to the Finnish producer who called Newton a Milk and Sugar Set.

Spice Safar Jean-Talon
77 Shamrock

Spice Safar Vieux-Montréal – only open during week days for now
407 McGill

Fluid Living
55 Mill Street Building 8, Toronto, Canada, M5A 3C4
T 416.850.4266  |  1.866.894.6965

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Via: Cream or sugar with that? on popgadget blog