2007 red dot: best of the best goes to the Yin Yang chaise longue by DEDON

Yin Yang lounge chairs by Dedon

I love DEDON products, so I am always thrilled when they launch a new collection. This young and dynamic German company creates fabulous outdoor furniture. If I become rich one day, I will furnish my whole backyard with their furniture. For now, I enjoy talking about them.

If you read any lifestyle magazines or went to a boutique hotel, you have seen their furniture many times before. Their outdoor furniture symbolizes modern chic architecture for the young and hip market niches. DEDON lines are always stylish and peaceful to look at.

The international jury presented the red dot: Best of the best award for superior design quality to the YIN YANG Signature Collection. The designer of the Yin Yang chairs is the Swiss Nicolas Thomkins. The 2007 red dot award competition reviews 2,548 entries from 43 countries.

It is not the first time that DEDON won a red dot award. Last year, the fabulous LEAF Collection was in winner. I taught about the Leaf Collection in a previous post titled Getting ready for summer with stylish pool and patio party zones.

The Signature Collection is a real challenge for the weaving artists of the DEDON manufactory to produce each one. Four kilometers of woven DEDON fiber cover each lounging chair. Designed each for one person with a round sitting cushion, the Yin chair and the Yang chair are sold separately. Select the one that matches your personality.

planters in Dedon fiber

To complete the look of your patio, buy several DEDON planters. There are four sizes to choose from. We are taking large size planters here like you see in high fashion magazines. If you are looking for stunning extra high plant pots, you definitely have to look at the DEDON planter collection.

If you are planning to host a big party this summer on a large budget, incorporate the DEDON outdoor furniture, any one of their collections will do. Mix it with signature dish food, cool drinks, gorgeous staff, superb (but not over the top) flower arrangements and an amazing DJ. I just gave you the recipe to create the Wow factor atmosphere that you are looking for.

Then, invite lots of fascinating guests. Make sure to include all the people that you care for. Mingle, laugh and dance. I guarantee that you will host the party of your life.

June 12th, 2007 Update: Price of the DEDON Yin Yang loveseats
Last week, I meet a few people that ask me this question. How much cost the DEDON Yin Yang set? I look around and I found out that the Yin Yang set by DEDON is sold for 8500 euros in Europe. In the United States it goes for $12,700 US.
Studio B Home, Plan B Office in Toronto sells each chair for $7,333 CAD (14,666 CAD).

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