My tips on selecting paint colors for at home entertaining

2007 Color Trends by Sico Paint

I look at color trends as inspiration pieces. Paint manufacturers make up fresher color combinations that you may want to explore. But unless you like to repaint often, I say to use trends wisely so that the average people cannot put a year on your house decor.

I say to people to select colors they always like for walls and big items. A tip is to look at your closet and see which color stands out except black and white. Make sure that your house reflects your personality. Living in a space that looks like everybody else can be boring. I like that my home décor shows my individuality.

I never use white walls because white walls are too cold for my taste. Painting white walls show that you did not know what colors to put on in my views. You typically find colors you can live with for a long time by looking at your clothe collection.

I like toned down hues on a slightly darker shade for the walls. It creates a warm ambiance perfect for entertaining at night. I prefer brighter colors for my private rooms (bedroom, dressing room) to fill me up with energy in the morning.

Lightning is important when selecting paint colors. Most people set their light fixtures too bright. I rarely put bulbs of the maximum watts in a light fixture. Unless you are doing tasks, lower light levels are more relaxing. Lights affect your perception.

Since I have a day job, I am mostly at home during the night. Therefore, I select my paint colors to look the best at night time. Try the paint colors you like at home with your lights on to see what they will look like; do not forget play with the dimmer to see the difference. Try the colors with the natural day light. Validate again at night time. Then make your final selections.

2007 Color Trends by Benjamin Moore

If you have a small room with high ceiling, like a powder room or a hallway, I suggest putting the same color on the ceiling. It creates a more unified look. My powder room is a paler version of dry out Dijon mustard and I love it.

I learn through years of decorating that white ceiling can be a mistake. I have white ceiling and trims in most of my home. I regretted them because the ceiling stands out too much against the color walls. A good solution is to a lighter tone or a harmonizing color of your main wall color.

If you do not have children, I suggest a mat finish on the walls, especially if you live in an older house. Otherwise, use the matter finish that cleans well enough for your needs.

Many contemporary houses have weird angled ceiling. A common question is what color should you paint the angled surfaces? Paint them like the ceiling if you do not want to bring attention to them. I am not talking about boxed ceiling here. The last two pictures show different color effects for boxed ceiling. Look at the visual effects produced by a lighter hue and a darker color. The rule of thumb is that any surface with a true vertical portion is painted the same color as the wall.

My final advice is to keep trendy colors for accessories and accent pieces. You can update the look of a room in a flash with new accessories. Naturally, if you have a love connection with the trendy colors, go for it on your walls.

entertaining style by Benjamin Moore

I went to see color trends by Sico Paint and Benjamin Moore. Wow! Rich, vegetal, mature hues dominate this season, influenced by our natural environment. My heart is filled with browns, neutrals, greens and blues from Sico. The color palettes seem more muted at Benjamin Moore. We go back to square one.

I got inspired to write about my tips on colors by reading a post from a Boston-based interior designer after Abbey Koplovitz visited my blog. If you are thinking about renovating your home, have a look at On Interior Design blog for great tips by Abbey.

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