What m0851 guestrooms in Antwerp can teach you in having slept over guests?

m0851 guestrooms in Antwerp

I am a huge fan of the Canadian fashion brand m0851. I live close by their flagship store in Montreal. My husband can testify that I always stop to look at their store window. I love the simplicity of their streamlined clothes and leather accessories.

I am thrilled about their way in the hospitality industry. You can enjoy the same design philosophy when you travel to Belgium. m0851 just opened three guestrooms on top of the new Antwerp’s store in a popular fashion street.

The balanced modern aestheticism and functionality of the rooms are typical of the m0851’s look and feel. The interior design is urban chic and has pure lines. The rooms seem very comfortable for the guests. An itty mini boutique hotel that is located near museums, trendy cafes and restaurants.

I am showing you the m0851 rooms because they are inspirational for when you having guest spending the night at your house. m0851 guestrooms are my pretext to talk about the ultimate guest room. When you design a guest room in your home, try to think of everything your guests may need.

The first rule of entertaining is to make your guests feel welcome. They need a place to rest, a place to read, a place to write down stuff or use their computer and a place to relax. It is a good idea when you have friends that sleep over to prepare in advance a basket for each guest.

Put some freshly washed towels, a mild soap, toothpaste and toothbrush, a few water bottles, some fruits, a chocolate bar, several magazines and a scented candle into a pretty basket or a neat box. I say freshly washed towels because they smell so nice. If your guests brought their computer, ask them if they want to borrow a DVD of a movie or a TV series.

guestroom basics

Leaving in the room what they need to prepare a hot drink is a good idea. Your guests may wake up earlier or going to bed later than you. This nice gesture will be appreciated. Think about providing stuff that they can get at their convenience. You can leave some herbal teas and a few cups in the room with a thermos of hot water. Even better, buy a two-cup coffee machine; it costs less than 20 dollars these days.

Tell your friends when the breakfast will be served so they can plan ahead when to wake up. If you do not mind that they prepare their own breakfast, you can leave non perishable food on the counter and tell them when you store your dishes.

All these are common sense rules but something we forget to do things because we are cut in our busy lifestyle. If you prepare in advance, things run more smoothly. The key is to think about your most comfy and enjoyable hotel experience. Then, try to mimic the essentials in your own guest room at home.

If you plan a trip to Belgium, you can stay at m0851 guestroom for 140 Euros a night including breakfast.

About m0851
m0851 designs urban-style leather bags, jackets and lifestyle accessories. Humble in appearance, the collection includes basics like dresses, pants, skirts, shirts and raincoats composed of the finest quality leathers, wools, cashmeres and cotton blends. m0851 products possess a distinct look and feel, balancing old-world elegance with new-school articulation. m0851 has stores in several countries.

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