Having trouble making Martha Stewart’s Bunny Ear Fold Napkins?

Martha Stewart\'s Bunny Ear Fold Napkin

A reader asked me for help because she was unable to create the Bunny Ear Fold Napkins that I taught about earlier in March. I did not try it because honestly I am not good at folding napkins.

My repertoire relays on simpler techniques. I tried it quickly with a piece of paper while at work. Fair to say, Martha’s instructions were incomplete. I need step by step graphical instructions if I want to do this.

So I went looking for help, others must get trouble making it as well. I found the message boards on Martha Stewart’s Web site. One message board has people that made the fold napkin telling you tips on how to succeed.

From that message board on Martha’s board, you will see links to other Web site with step by step pictures. Although the results are no near as nice as Martha’s Bunny Ear Fold napkin on recipetips.com, it still provides useful tips that can help some of you. Milliken Table Linen gives you graphical instructions on how to create a fold similar to Martha’s look.

I have to stress one key element: you must use starched napkins to get spectacular results. Have fun with it.

Link: Bunny Fold Napkinss on Martha Stewart’s Message Boards
Link: Bunny Rabbit Fold Napkin at Milliken Table Linen Web site