Grown ups tabletop – Easter’s Inspiration Board Part 2

Grown ups tabletop - Easter brunch Inspiration BoardThis time I put together an Easter brunch scheme for grown ups. This design is based on classical garden elements. It is chic without being stuffy. What I want to do with my inspiration board is to tell you how I select every piece, so you can try to make your themed tabletop. The key is always to subtly play out your theme.

When you set up a table, adding an unexpected touch makes it one of a kind. Here I use the Petite Fleur green pails as the uninvited guests. These gardening vases are clearly more casual than the rest of the elements. The reason it works within this elegant scheme is that the pails hold the shape and the style that we found in classical French garden working spaces. Used in my scenery, the pails carry more elegance than within its usual rustic Mediterranean setting.

My starting point was the Faberge look-alike egg napkins. I fell in love at first sight with the colors and the drawings of the jeweled egg napkins by Caspari Paper Products. Although linen napkins should be used in formal setting, you can use exceptional paper napkins for a brunch or a get together dinner with closed friends or family members.

The jeweled egg napkins called for more traditional crystal glasses. I went looking for pastel toned crystal stemware to play out the Easter spirit. The Renaissance stemware collection captures the royal grandeur of times past. Eureka, this classical crystal glassware line fit my theme.

The dinnerware set was the missing part of the puzzle at this point. I could have continued with a very formal model; that will be the easy way to go. But my idea is to host a chic but not stuffy party, so I need something with a fresher look.

The elegant Boxwood Topiary Dinnerware designed by Barbara Barry is my answer. With just enough color to lend a note of nature’s hues to the table, each component of the Boxwood Topiary collection features its own watercolor topiary icon. This garden pattern bona china set nicely complements the rest of my elements color wise and style wise.

Boxwood Topiary Dinnerware is also dishwasher safe, something of value for people who loves to entertain. I prefer having more fun time with my guests than doing the dishes.

The topiary theme leads me to the Petite Fleur green pails. I suggest using sophisticated yellow roses or green and white orchids for the centerpieces. Keep the centerpieces to bunches of a single type of flowers with some simple leafs as a backdrop. Just like the little black dress, the centerpieces must be simple but classy.

Use the Petite Fleur pails to make your take home gift baskets. Insert a sheet of colorful tissue paper and lay down premium dark chocolate eggs plus a bulb of flower or a few bags of cooking herb seeds to thank your guests for celebrating Easter with you. Clear cellophane with a nice ribbon will hold everything together. To finish your gift wrapping, add a small personalized card that you attach by making a hole in the card. The whole thing can act as a place setting system.

The green pails can also be used as baskets to hold the breads, croissants and pains au chocolate (chocolatine in French). This will add some French flair to your Easter brunch. If you do so, think about serving coffee the European style.

I hope that I give you some ideas to set up your Easter brunch table. See what you have at table and visit your favorite tableware stores. Find one piece that inspires you and build a theme around it. Use my inspiration boards as guidelines for forms, colors and shapes.

I like to hear what your Easter tabletop will look like. What is your theme this year?

Renaissance crystal stemware collection (clear $130, color $165 each) and Boxwood Topiary Dinnerware (Five-Piece Place Setting for $125) available at Gracious Style
Jeweled egg – cocktail napkin (20 triple-ply napkins for $4.50) and Petite fleur yellow (or green) pails (set of 4 for $24) available at Plum Party

Link: Web site of Gracious Style
Link: Web site of Plum Party

  • itua
    April 5, 2007 at 15:08

    may this easter bring God’s blessing to your heart may you be blessed with joy, happiness and much love, this is the holiest season of them all, all blessing are from our God above, his blessing we remain in your much more dear.