Family oriented tabletop – Easter’s Inspiration Board Part 1

Pastel color schemes are often used to set up the Easter brunch table. But this year, bold patterns are all the rage in fashion and home décor. This trend was my inspiration. I started by seeking out a bold pattern tablecloth. I used the colors from the textile to bring the rest together.

This scheme is suitable for a casual event where they are kids around. The tulips, the colorful glasses and the nest made of the green grass are the elements that make it an Easter theme. This family oriented scheme is a little literal but it is OK when you want to please kids.

With a bold pattern tablecloth, the central corridor must carry sufficient visual weight to hold against the pattern. You do this so the centerpieces are not lost visually. A solid color runner is the easiest way to achieve it.

I select the twig runner because it has enough weight for the nests and the bouquets to stand out. And the solid brown adds elegance to the design. I suggest creating a few nests of different sizes. Mix and match the eggs and take into consideration the nest size. The eggs on my picture could be a little larger but remember the eggs must not stand out too much. It is a balancing act. Do not forget to use some wrapped chocolate eggs.

The nests and the bouquets can be alternated in a row. Another way is to have the flowers in the center and to put on each side some nests. Try out your composition to see which look better on your table.

The Bunny ear napkin fold from Martha Stewart that I wrote about earlier this month is perfect for this table. Cream, light green, light blue or turquoise textile napkins will work with this scheme. The idea is to use colors from the tablecloth. One way is to alternate the colors on your place settings.

The bold flowery tabletop is for Maison Simons. Designed by renowned New York ceramist Barbara Eigen, the Belvedere dinnerware has a timeless appeal. The Dijon Belvedere dinnerware is available at Williams Sonoma. The DuraClear Colored Iced Tea Glasses also come from Williams Sonoma. The Twig Runner and the decorative bright green grass are sold at Plum Party. Tulips and the square vase are widely available.

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