Vancouver-based Haute Note brings a fresh sense of style to cards

Haunte Note - Dine in the Live  Tools collection

In this age of Internet, the art of printed invitations seems to lose ground when we are dealing with inviting a few guests for dinner or to make an announcement. Sending social stationery relays the message that you really looking for the presence of the invitees. Your guests will feel that you put time and effort in planning the event. Cards are simply more special. Some card designers offer you the possibility to personalize the cards.

This is exactly what Haute Note, a small card maker from Vancouver, Canada offers you.  You can put your own message on the front or the back of the card. Different options are possible and it is easy to do it online.

I share with the two women that launched Haute Note in spring 2006 a special love for cards in unusual formats. Several models in my custom made funeral thank you card collections have one side shorter than the other.

Haute Note successfully uses the same idea with their Signature Card line. The front of the card is a long rectangular and the back is about 50% shorter. You can personalize the message on the entire Haute Note Signature line. A set of 8 Signature Cards starts at $24, with price reduction if you buy more than 48 cards.

Modern, charming and elegant are the best adjectives for their design. I show you the entertaining based design to go with my blog but more themes, styles and occasions are shown on their Web site.

Petite Notes are sold with envelopes in themed sets of four, featuring one card of each design within a chosen series. Not customizable, a set of 4 Petite Notes is sold for $8.50 CAD.

Haute Note ships in Canada, Unites states and internationally to a number of countries.

Link: Web site of Haute Note stationery