Support for the Stop the Net campaign by WWF Canada

WWF Launches Campaign against Bycatch

Everybody has a cause; mine is the wildlife and nature. I am taking about it on my blog because what I have to say concern food.

I am against some green organizations that only want to make headlines but do not have a coherent track record. That is why I opt to support the WWF Canada organization. They protect endangered species (tigers and polar bears for example), make genuine gestures to protect nature and they do take into account the needs of the human population.

WWF Canada sets a small number of annual goals, based on the overall impact of these initiatives on the environment and the wildlife. Since I started supporting them, WWF Canada had an impressive track record.

Stop the Net campaign by WWF Canada

WWF Canada just launches a new marketing campaign for something that is dear to my heart. We are taking about the commercial fishing practices. The problem is how many fish, turtles, mammals and birds get killed when the net is thrown out to get your choice for dinner. This is called bycatch. We know that some level of bycatch is unavoidable but the current practices are far further up.

You have to understand that the commercial fishing practices for ground fish species have not really evolved over the last 400 years. The number of boats and the size of the population have grown exponentially over that period.

Overfishing, poor stock management plus the bycatch have depleted the stock level of many ocean fish species. WWF Canada wants to rectify the situation by increasing regulations in Canada and with our NATO partners. They also want better tools to insure the stocks of fish for all species are at acceptable levels.

To know more, I invite you to go visit the Stop the Net campaign Web site. You can watch TV ads, radio ads and print ads. To help you make your opinion, you get access to many reports on this important matter. WWF Canada cleverly set its messages in tasteful advertising materials. Go take a look, the upcoming generations will thank you.

Link: Stop the Net campaign from WWF Canada Web site
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