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How to dish up a sandwich

Daily bread by Pryor & Williams

Sandwiches are the most basic comfort food. It takes little effort to dress them up. Out of ordinary sandwiches start with an artisan, a specialty or organic bread on which you lay down the freshness ingredients you can find. You can add all the flavors you want. A sandwich is still a common deli food unless you play around with innovative ways to serve it.

Chop chop tray by Vessel

Exotic wood tray gives some grandeur to that simple food. They make something ordinary extraordinary by adding this je ne sais quoi (I do not know) touch.

I got two beautiful models that are great presentation pieces. The first one is called Daily Bread. Pryor & Williams translates in a Nordic inspiration into a plantation-grown teak surface and a Corian cutting surface with storage underneath. Daily Bread gives rise to an authentic gift for many occasions. A section can hold the utensils and the four serving boards are stored side up. Practical and beautiful!

The other wood tray is from a company named Vessel. The Chop chop tray is two detachable rectangular bamboo trays placed over a metal support. The Chop chop tray is a cutting board, two serving dishes plus two lunch surfaces all in one. The price of the Chop chop tray is 80 dollars at Vessel online store.

STRATUM Nest tables by Pryor & Williams

Anytime you serve sandwiches on a tray, eating at a dinner table is optional. To build on the laid-back approach, you can set up the food as a buffet on a couple of side tables or nested tables.

For the collectors, Pryor & Williams produced the limited edition STRATUM Nest tables. These one of a kind nested tables are all signed. Only 30 sets were fabricated. If these tables do not dress up your sandwiches, I do not know what will.

Link: Daily bread in plantation-teak by Pryor & Williams
Link: chop chop tray in bamboo by Vessel
Via: Arch Digest Show 2007: Pryor and Williams & ART:asap on Apartment Therapy NYC blog