Layer your table with Rosanna

La Fleur dishware by Rosanna

Some party events call for special dinnerware, something out of the ordinary. Most of the time they are not milestone events but they are something important to do something special. It can be having over your girlfriends for a tea party or a periodic gathering. Creating the right mood often call for a whimsical touch.

That is where the dishware from a little shop in Seattle called Rosanna comes to the rescue. Over the past twenty years, Rosanna manages to stay on top of fashion, translating popular trends into whimsical accessories for the home with her independent shop. I see eye to eye with her on that topic. Whether it’s a birthday party for the kids or the grown ups, a glamorous soirée or simply dining at home, fashionable dishes turn any day into a special occasion.

Marie Antoinette dessert plates

Her dish collections are made of whimsical patterns that are sophisticated. Her tableware is fun but classy. This year, Rosanna suggests layering the dishes the same way as we will dress ourselves. If you read some magazines lately, you saw that graphical, bold designs are all over the place.

She tells us how to achieve her layering approach in these words:

Begin with a dinner plate (like chocolate brown or pale blue from our new Dinner Service collection), then add a patterned salad plate stacked with a solid soup bowl, topped off with a napkin tied with a satin ribbon and a single blossom. The effect is eclectic, interesting and thoroughly modern.

Rosanna Play date collection for little girls

La Fleur collection, that depicts four Victorian floral species, is wonderful for a tea party event. The green background looks crisp with the black and white Victorian style drawing. The Marie Antoinette dessert plates popped up when they are placed over the brown solid color scalloped-edged dinner plates.

The pastel hues of the Playing House collection, one of my favorites, look gorgeous at Easter and any day of the year. The Little Black Dress or Les femmes are adorable to celebrate a female birthday, a bridal shower, motherhood or any woman get-together. Little girls will be amused by the Play Date collection. I wish I got it when I was young. There is so much to choose for that I invite you to take a look at their entire collection on their Web site.

All the plates come in a fabulous gift box. These plates make a lovely hostess gift. You can shop online on Rosanna Web site with shipping limited to the USA. Many retailers sell the Rosanna collections. Unfortunately, there is no store listing on the Rosanna Web site.

Link: Web site of Rosanna dishware

  • sara
    April 9, 2007 at 19:18

    Actually, I found a canadian online store that sells Rosanna:

  • At Home with kim vallee
    April 10, 2007 at 13:49

    Thanks Sara for the tip. And I saw on their Web site that they have a $5 Flat Fee Shipping policy. Great news for Canadians that are looking for Rosanna tableware.