Getting ready for summer with stylish pool and patio party zones

Pool and Patio Party ZonesHaving a pool, a large cooking area and dining area is the ideal setting for having a party. People love outdoor parties. In a cleverly designed, out of ordinary backyard space, you have more fun.

I am not keen on the look that we see commonly in magazines and TV shows. My passion is for modern, European style architecture. It starts at a young age and it keeps growing and growing. With the advent of boutique hotel and the materialization of innovative design, fantastic modern projects emerged all over Canada.

dedon obelisk furniture

This week episode of Designer Guys was a spectacular example of the crème of the crop in backyard entertaining spaces. A definite boutique hotel feeling and the love of grown up entertain was the center of attention. This project was for two successful bar owners. Knowing that, I expect something extraordinary. And the Designer Guys deliver it.

Designer Guys on HGTV.ca

The owners have already plan a fabulous infinity pool with three waterfalls. The Designer Guys surrounded the large pool with distinctive entertaining areas and top notch contemporary outdoor furniture. And it was expected; the principals of the Toronto-based design firm Precipice Studios has accustomed us to great work in their TV series.

The furniture is by the German manufacturer DEDON. I feel in love with DEDON furniture at first sight. Innovation, unique shapes and quality craftsmanship come to my mind when I think about DEDON furniture. At the last SIDIM show in 2006, a friend took my picture while I was lounging on the LEAF sunbathing chair shown on this episode. Enjoy the view.

The OBELISK project is a good representation of the innovative furniture by DEDON. The Obelisk is two things in one. It is a sculpture formed with 4 lounge chairs and a cocktail table. You stack the chairs on top of the table to form an obelisk when you do not use the furniture. Ingenious!

I guest they selected the DEDON Barcelona collection to furnish the outdoor living room and the dinning rooms. But this is an educated guess. Your ideas are welcome. Watch the rerun on Saturday March 17th at 16:30 on HGTV Canada and tell me if I you agree with my views.

+ episode Pool and Patio Party Zones – Designer Guys on HGTV.ca
+ The DEDON Furniture collection – Obelisk photos from DEDON
+ Designer Guys Web site – project photos come from their Web site

  • Robin
    March 19, 2007 at 17:17

    that obelisk looks wicked!
    the entire ‘garden’ if you can call it that is very nice..

    I hope to have a stylish outdoor place similar to this one day, without the pool, there simply is not enough open space.

  • At home with Kim Vallee
    April 20, 2007 at 11:43

    2007 red dot: best of the best goes to the Yin Yang chaise longue by DEDON

  • abe
    March 9, 2010 at 16:26

    hello its posseble to send me this pool and patio party zone plz or send it in cd if you like thank you