Happy mundane makes me happy with its Umbra announcement

Like Jon of the happy mundane blog, I am a fan of the Umbra home decor brand. I bought Umbra products since I got my first apartment. That was when I was studying at university.

Their product design always appeals to me. Zone maison, one of my favorite stores in Montreal, carries most of the Umbra collections. I heard or read (I do not recalled where) that Zone is the or one of the top seller(s) of Umbra products in Canada.

Going back to happy mundane, their last post is about the spring opening of an Umbra concept store in Toronto. It makes me wish I did not leave Toronto ten years ago. I can wait to go visit their new place sometimes in May 2007.

Link: Addresses of the 5 Zone maison stores
Link: Umbra Web site
Via: Umbra concept store opening on happy mundane blog