Who says that kid furniture cannot be cool?

Forget Disney, forget Fisher price and forget Sears. Most of the things that are made for children look tacky or out of place in a grown up room. This is specially if you live in a modern architecture house.

Although I do not want children of my own, the question interests me as an interior designer and from an entertaining point of view. New design options have popped up in the last couple of years. Most of them have been developed by parents that did not want in their house the standard kid stuff.

I found on the Babygadget blog, a post that can help parents that still want to live in style with children. The Shoji sofa, available at Inmod, is a perfect throwback to Palm Springs in the 1950’s. The price of this living room set for kids is $857.99, an odd number to match this unusual kid furniture.

Link: The Shoji sofa at Inmod store
Via: The Shoji Sofa. I’m not sure I want my son to swing yet… on Babygadget