Follow up to my story on Royal VKB

If you are interested in buying these kitchen products, I got two sources for you: a Los Angeles store called A+R and Lekker, a Boston store that I talked about last February.

Generally speaking, Royal VKB products are cheaper than I taught.

A small Mix & Measure bowl costs 10 dollars, a large is $15. The garlic crusher costs $20.

The Bowl and Spoon is more expansive at $42, but it is reasonably price for an indulgence. This will make a great gift for your friends.

I also get better pictures. By seeing them in action, you can better understand why I recommend them. You can see how practical and easy to use these products are.

A+R sells cool stuff. I found other treasures for entertaining that I will present at another time. The Mix & Measure bowls are backordered but should be available soon.

Both stores ship internationally but Lekker wants that foreigners contact them before placing their orders. A+R accepts returns only from US orders.

+ Royal VKB line at A+R
+ Royal VKB line at Lekker
+ Via – yes, I still visit them (ref: a previous post of mine)