Dutch spirit in your kitchen with Royal VKB innovative products

I love the Dutch ingenuity. I am being lucky to go to The Netherlands twice and I was always impressed by this design oriented society. Dutch people are creative in home décor out of necessity. They live in smaller houses due to the lack of land.

Most of Dutch designers still sell locally. That explains why you are not thinking of The Netherlands as an influential player in household design product market.

Let me introduce a great little Dutch design company called Royal VKB that specializes in food products. Over the past weeks, I saw their products featured in many design oriented blogs.

Just in the last two years, Royal VKB won 3 reddot design awards in 2006, 2 reddot design in 2005 plus a few Design Plus+ awards at the Ambiente trade fair in Frankfurt. That is quite an accomplishment for a small company. Let’s review some of my favorites from their line of products.

Mix & Measure mixing bowls save space and cleaning time. These functionally designed mixing bowls allow for the mixing and measuring in the same bowl.

The Bowl and Spoon can be held in one hand while reaching for the remote control with the other. Inspired by the Chinese noodle bowl, the stainless steel spoon fits into the handle of the ceramic bowl. The shape, the size and the hollow handle entice to easily pick up the spoon. Practical bowl for the couch potato or when you want to go eating on the patio.

Cup & Store storage jars are quite functional. These containers offer a storage facility with an airtight lid which doubles as a measuring cup for the ingredients. So you can prepare your meal in less time. Moreover, you can stack them.

The Puzzle Dinner Tray makes eating a fun and learning activity for kids. It is a cute set. The puzzle dinner tray teaches kids the correct table setting. I am not sure that having kids playing at the table in the best situation but I do not have kids. But it is certainly better that they play with this melamine set than your china dinner ware.

A 2005 reddot design winner, their garlic crusher provides better flavor without smelly hands. That is sometimes I want.

Royal VKB wants to change your food experience every day by offering products that delight you; products that make you come back for more. And I think they are exceeding their expectations.

Link: Spring 2007 Royal VKB collection
Via: Meta MoCo This Week – march 3, 2007 post

  • Steamy Kitchen
    June 24, 2007 at 23:06

    my kids would LOVE that puzzle tray! maybe it would make them eat their broccoli…or maybe not!

  • At Home with kim vallee
    June 25, 2007 at 00:07

    As an adult I like the concept behind the puzzle tray. But I am curious to see how actual kids will react to it.

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