Home sellers that want to be on TV here is your chance with Buy Me

I just read an ad on Kijiji Montreal from a researcher from Buy Me TV show. The Buy Me research team is looking for homeowners that are selling their house and want to be on TV. The ad says that homeowners who appear on the show get $3000; I guess to home stage their house.

This hit real-estate series is produced by Montreal’s Whalley-Abbey Media Holdings (WHAM), the people behind Debbie Travis’ Facelift. WHAM is the company of Debbie Travis and her husband, Hans Rosenstein. Whalley-Abbey is the name of the church where they wed. A romantic touch!

The show has been renewed for 5 years by HGTV earlier this year. They talk about it in an article from the Montreal Gazette. The series are mostly filmed in Montreal. A few episodes of Buy Me were shot in Canada. The producers plan to start filming in the United States.

I post this for anyone interested. I do not watch Buy Me but I like to watch Debbie Travis in her previous shows. My husband took a picture of me with Debbie in Montreal’s Caban store. So you can say that I am a fan. Debbie Travis does not appear in Buy Me.

Buy Me is market as drama television when selling houses on HGTV. The show plays on HGTV Canada and HGTV USA. So your 23 minute of fame will get full exposure.

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