More sourcing for wall decals

Continuing on the wall decals topic of yesterday, I found more wall decals in two of my daily blog fix. Wall decals seem to be the all the rage items of home decor.

The first one is designed by Studio Job in France. Sold at Rare Device, an online store based in New York, Studio Job’s wall decal is special because it looks nice on a ceiling. If you wish to have animals dance around your fixture ceiling, the Pantheon Vinyl Wall Art available in black or grey will pleased you. To my surprise, it looks good in grown up rooms.

As pointed out in Better Living through Design, wall decals out on ceiling are very rare. I can easily imagine some drawings to fit nicely on the corner and to go on part of the wall and the ceiling. Trying an out of ordinary arrangement can be rewarding when it is done right.

My second find was Apple Pie Design. With a passion trigger name like this, you got me interested right away. decor8 described it as sophisticated design for grown ups. Most of their designs are for grown ups but a few designs suit children and infant spaces.

The kitchen is my favorite room. If you planning a kitchen renovation, current design often put fewer cabinets on the top that we used to have in the past. This trend provides for a more airy and fresh looking space. But how do you decorate the empty wall? Apple Pie Design proposes decals in the form of huge utensils or a recipe text that make a great statement. It is definite a focal point.

Link: Apple Pie Design Web site – available in English, French and Nederlands
Via: Pantheon Vinyl Wall Art on Better Living through Design blog
Via: Apple Pie Design – Wall Decals on decor 8