Dinner by Design: glamorous events lead to all sorts of dreams

This week end I spoke to one of my girlfriends that organize fundraising events for a foundation. We discussed Elle Decor’s Dining by Design episode of Behind the Bash that I saw a few weeks ago. A rerun was playing later that day. I told her she has to watch it to see what we could do with a bigger budget.

Coincidently, the 10th edition of Elle Decor’s Dining by Design was last week-end. This amazing party occurs each year in New York to raise money for the fight against AIDS.

Dining by Design is not only about the dreams for a cure to AIDS but it is also the dream of the average people to see in person these masterpieces. With a $25 admission ticket, the public can preview the dining masterpieces.

To fully understand the magnitude of Dinner by Design, read this excerpt from the Web site of the foundation that gets the money, DIFFA:

A unique event to showcase the personal passions of some of the world’s leading design talents, each participant creates a unique dining environment. As long as their creation can accommodate ten for dinner, the sky’s the limit.

Holly of decor8 blog was there last week end. Dedicated, she wrote a dozen wonderful reviews on the best of the best tabletops that she posted today (Feb. 26). I invite you to read all of them.

If you missed it, the Behind the Bash Elle Decor’s Dining by Design episode will play again March 11th at 5:30 PM on FoodTV.ca. Thanks to the magic of specialty TV.

Link: The DIFFA Dinner by Design Web site
Via: Dining By Design: Viking by Barry Rice and Ted Allen on decor8 blog – with more reviews on the site