Unique, Modern Tableware at this Boston’s historic and trendy South End address

Having attention-grabbing tableware make amazing table setting with no pains. As I said before, I believe in the casual luxury movement which promote the use the same dinnerware for everyday and when entertaining. All you need to do is to get better quality, modern looking dinnerware.

If you plan to visit Boston in the near future, I suggest to stop for a while at this fabulous store from an Amsterdam native. Lekker, which means alluring, enticing, great, attractive and tempting in Dutch, is located in Boston’s historic and trendy South End neighborhood. I am sorry that I did not have the time to visit them the last time I was in Cambridge.

While lacking the pleasures to touch the pieces, the next best thing is to order online; call them for to set up a delivery in Canada. When you see their catalog, you will share my desires. Their products are not commonly sold in Canada.

Lekker sells amazing dinnerware, tabletop and service ware from Germany, Denmark, The Netherlands, Italy and more. For an entertaining, interior design like me, this is pure heaven. And the prices are affordable at Lekker. We are very far for the high end prices that usually goes with European, modern design.

Since Lekker is a store to furnish one home, you can get furniture, lightning, textiles, bathroom accessories and outdoor décor.

The Elizyr and the Cumulus by Kahla are two fabulous German-made dinnerware collection. Cumulus looks even more striking when you mix and match the white and aqua dishes. Cumulus Aerius, is a little more graphic. Both Cumulus collections combine elements of haute-cuisine done as a modern interpretation of everyday articles such as bowls and plates.

The handle-like element present in all platters, bowls and plates of Elizyr collection by Kahla makes it easy to carry around the dishes. Just imagine the reactions of your guests when hosting a buffet dinner with Elizyr. With a clean organic flair, Elizyr creates a floating feeling that set a distinctive look at your table.

There is so much to choose for on the Lekker’s catalog that I share my top 5 links for easy entertaining in style:

I recalled about Lekker this morning while reading Decor8 blog. Holly Elisabeth Becker, the author of Decor8, often makes exhaustive posts. Trends 2007: Beachy Keen is the perfect example of her dedication. She shares a lot of great sourcing. Do not for a moment think that Holly will present you some kind of Disneyland theme by reading the title Beachy Keen. We are talking here of sophisticated, grown up design. If you planning to redecorate your space, bookmark her Decor8 blog as she will post more trend reports in the coming weeks.

Via: Trends 2007: Beachy Keen – see Accessorize! – on Decor8 blog