David Rocco’s Dolce Vita has all the ingredients

I love traveling, enjoying the best in life like wines and dining. When I am cooking, I prepare tasty meal that are not complicated to do. I prefer going to a restaurant if I want to eat fancy recipes since there are plenty of excellent chefs in Montreal.

I go for cooking TV shows that inspire me to cook at home. Offer me a show hosted by a very good looking guy that is charming on camera, with a storyline in each episode developed around the sweet life of Italians on top of sharing delicious but simple recipes. Wow! You got all the ingredients to make me a fan. That’s why I follow David Rocco’s Dolce Vita since the beginning of the series on Food TV Canada. It’s a breed of fresh air.

David Rocco is not a chef, he is just a Canadian-Italian guy that likes to cook and taking the best out of life. Living the Dolce Vita, the sweet life (La douceur de vivre). You follow him around with his wife Nina and friends as they live in Florence and travel in Italy. The scenery are so beautiful, that you wish your were there.

On a more personal basis, David Rocco is a 36 years old Canadian, the youngest of three children born from Neapolitan parents. He now divides his time between Florence and Toronto. David Rocco’s Dolce Vita is the brainchild of him and his wife Nina. They are the executive producers and producers of the show. Being in business with my husband, I am biased towards couples that do business together.

David gave an idea of what they want the show to be in an interview with the City Life Magazine for their winter 2005 edition

We had a very strong vision of combining simple recipes, beautiful scenery with photography, great music, friends and family. . a good one (i.e. cooking show) inspires you to live well.

By watching the show, I can tell you that they succeed. The advantages of being on specialty television is there are a lot of reruns. Check the schedule on Food TV Canada, the episodes of Season 3 (debut October 2006) are still on.

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