A quick look at out of ordinary letterpress wedding invitations

Invitations set the tone of an event. Sending impressive invitations are a sure bet to ensure a high turnover at your event. Any host should pay attention to them. Invitations are where in style entertaining begins.

For a wedding, couples usually set aside a more than decent budget for invitations. Refined printing methods and craftsmanship are generally used. Letterpress printing has undergone a revival in the last years. I am glad because letterpress cards are most appealing for me lately.

This excerpt from the wikipedia encyclopedia explains why letterpress looks so good

fine letterpress work is crisper than offset litho because of its impression into the paper, giving greater visual definition to the type and artwork.

More and more couples infuse their personality and their own style by going with custom designed wedding invitations. Key design elements of the wedding celebrations can show off in a custom wedding invitation kit. Out of the ordinary designs look special and make a lasting impression on your guests.

Yesterday’s daily blog fix brought me to the impressive work of Kansas-based Hammerpress via Josh Spear blog. I love the use of coasters for the directions. Hammerpress’ designs are imaginative, tasteful and well-executed. Bravo! With such invitations, guests will rush in to your wedding.

Link: Letterpress printing explained on wikipedia
Link: Out of the ordinary wedding invitations on Hammerpress’s Web site
Via: Hammerpress – 2007.02.20 on Josh Spear blog

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