Lunching on a salad today


As I was reading the latest post from a fantastic cooking blog, La Tartine Gourmande, it makes me feel good that I am not the only one that cannot live without salads. Her post talks about the food of her childhood in France. With my week-end ski accident, I need to feel good today. And her Buckwheat Herb Galettes reminded me of the galettes de sarrasin (the French translation for buckwheat galettes) that my mother loves so much. Comfort food for the Quebekers as well.

We all need to eat more raw vegetables. I remembered when I travel in Germany in 1991 how unnatural a meal without veggies can be. In fact, three days is the absolute maximum time that my body can endure. Since we were near the French border, every two or three days, we will go back to France for more greenery food.

The latest crave in food courts is indeed the fresh salad restaurants, with make your own recipes. One has opened a few months ago in the food court under the Simon’s store in downtown Montreal. And I think that the Eaton Centre (if not, Place Ville-Marie) has an opening due for next month.

La Tartine Gourmande is a bilingual blog by a French woman that is discovered last week. Béatrice Peltre shares with us great recipes and nice food stories. Her stories are only in English but her recipes are published in French and English.

I gave this title to my post because a large salad full of vegetables with a little of ham and cheese is what I ate for lunch. Go get her recipes of Buckwheat Herb Galettes with its Mixed Salad, it looks delicious as a lunch meal or as an entrée for your next dinner event.

Link: Lunching on a Salad, Almost – Déjeuner avec une salade, ou Presque on La Tartine Gourmande blog

  • bea at La tartine gourmande
    February 19, 2007 at 22:27

    Kim, thank you so much for the mention. I am glad this post brought great memories to you. And yes, difficult to let one day go by without vegetables. When it happens, I crave them!