Marketing temptation for the new Absolut Pears vodka

Absolut has built his noteworthy brand with inspiring advertising. Although they are not the best vodka, they sell it at a slightly higher price than the vodkas in their category. What Absolut vodka lacks in taste is substituted with cleverly done marketing.

Absolut has positionned their vodka as an icon drink set in the sought-after lifestyle of the moment. A lot of companies try to do it but only a few succeed. And Absolut has done it. In fruit cocktails, most people do not taste the difference anyway.

What I want to talk about is what they do best. They just launched a new campaign called Absolut Temptation to unveil the latest addition to their fruit flavored vodka line, Absolut Pears. You can take a look at their latest concept on You get drink recipes and a series of short films where you blow up things. Reminiscence to one of my favorite segments in David Letterman’s late night show.

If you are still mad about your ex-lover, you can blow up his watch, the not so great flower bouquet he sent you or her stiletto sandal. On the food side, you can blow up a green apple, a donut or an espresso cup. You feel more relaxed after it. Otherwise, the films are just fun to watch.

Just for fun, I put together (on the on Absolut web site) the bouquet blow-up with the apple and save it as my short film:

Link: the Absolut Pears Web site
via: Absolut Temptation- 02.12.07 on blog