Just in time for Valentine, let me introduce you Love is blind

In my daily review of the favorite design blogs, I find this post on Apartment therapy about this new line of roller blinds from a duo of British (?) designers called Love is blind. This duo creates a fabulous graphic collection of roller blinds that is sure to brightening up your home.

Birds On A Wire, shown on this picture, is part of their current motifs. Upcoming patterns can be preorder online for a delivery in mid-April. My favorites ones are Blue Tree and Bottles.

I love these roller blinds because they are cheerful while being tasteful. Some styles of windows just called for blinds. When we look at design projects on TV and magazines, we see the same blind model over and over. May look good, but it is too predictive.

The only problem with these great roller blinds is that you need to order them from UK. Karine is the co-founder of Bodie and Fou, the UK online store that sells Love is blind. She posted a comment on apartmenttherapy.com about the pricing for the USA – it must be in the same range for Canada. Karine says its costs 120 USD or so for a blind including the shipping fees.

Patterned blinds are a great way to create a party theme by using them to separate the spaces or as wall decoration. For a party, I will suggest that you find a printer that can print on large canvas. The best printers can digitally print your design on paper or vinyl sheet up to 48 and even 60 inches wide.

Link: Portrait of Love is blind on Bodie and Fou Web site
Via: From Bodie and Fou: Roller Blinds on Apartment Therapy : Chicago blog

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