Suttonites can find nice tableware at Atelier Bouffe

We love to ski at Mont Sutton. My husband’s parents have a comfortable Swiss style cottage near the ski station. It used to be that we had little choice in Sutton when it came to shopping. But things have come a long way. A couple of nice boutiques, specialty shops and cafes have popped up.

The cooking lover in me likes to go to Atelier Bouffe. My hubby is not as happy since he thought Sutton exempts him from my shopping expeditions. Now, I succeed from time to time to take a look at what’s new at this store for cooks.

Design is a big part of Atelier Bouffe. The front part of the store displays cool stuff for your kitchen from dishes, serving ware, nifty cooking tools, knives, gadgets, bakeware and natural fabric kitchen linens. The back section of the store is dedicated to gourmet oils and vinegars from around the world, pepper collection boxes and fine spices.

Tea lovers will feel at home with several brands of high end teas, teapots in all shapes and many tea accessories to choose from. This is where my husband hangs out while I am checking everything else. Sometimes, he ventured further back of Atelier Bouffe that leads in a small, fine catering shop called Chez Matis. I will talk to you about Chez Matis another time.

It is worth mentioning that all prices included the taxes. No need for small changes either. Atelier Bouffe makes it easy for you to calculate exactly how much it will cost. Have a visit next time you come to ski at Sutton.

Atelier Bouffe
Boutique for gourmets. Open daily 9 to 6.
14 Principale Sud, Sutton QC

FYI: Suttonites is the names of the residents of Sutton

Link: Direction map for Sutton in the Eastern Townships