Understanding space and proportion

As I watched last night the first episode of Designer Superstar Challenge that I recorded on my Media Center, I found the next topic for my blog. By viewing the results of Anna Simone’s challenge, I knew right away that I got to talk about space and proportion.

These two principles are at the basis of any design whether it is interior design, flower arrangement, photography or party décor. If we want to simplify things, space is about overall size. Here we are thinking about volume. The overall size is the perceived size. Say that you got a big piece in a translucent material; its overall size will be smaller than if it is a bold pattern material.

Proportion looks at things in relative terms. Proportions are how the size of one element relates to the size of other elements and to the size of the whole. Think about ratio, like when you do a cocktail, you pour 1 once of alcohol per 2 ounces of juices. But you can also look at the proportion of the entire flower centerpiece in relation to the table size.

I know it sounds complicated. That is why I got you some online materials from good teachers. They explain space and proportion in the context of flower arrangements. As you will learn, a flower arrangement is not a bunch of flowers loosely put in a vase. By reading the Vermont University Horticulture department course texts, everybody can learn how to make simple arrangement. These texts explain everything in simple terms. If you understand these principles, the decors you will design will be so much better. Take a look.

Do not let discourage by the primitive look of Vermont University Horticulture department Web site, just use the navigation at the bottom of the page to move from section to section, if you wish to explore more on the arts of flower arrangements.

Link: Scale and Proportion by the Vermont University Horticulture department
Link: Designer Superstar Challenge information on HGTV.ca